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Hi I'm Freddy,
a full stack developer
from Montreal, Canada

💗 I'm passionate about building software that makes a difference in people's lives.

💻 For over 7 years, I've been developing efficient code that addresses real customer needs.

🚀 My mission: super-charging teams by fostering a growth mindset, an innovative culture, and productive habits.

"If You Want To Run Far, Run Together" - African Proverb

Cloud Technologies

Web development using the latest tools offered by cloud platforms such as Microsoft's Azure platform

DevOps Pratices

Leveraging tools such as containers, Infra-As-Code, and CI/CD pipelines to deliver software efficiently

Distributed Systems

Using scalable design such as Clean Architecture to develop event-driven, resilient microservices

Object-Oriented Languages

Expertise in C# and .NET, with fluency in Python and Javascript/Typescript

Full Stack Development

Expertise designing and building secure back-end and front-end microservices that scale

AI Tools

Integrating the latest AI tools to accelerate development using industry best practices

Latest Posts
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Which Engineering Scope Are You Using?

In the few years I've been working in tech, I've started to see a few ways of thinking that people adopt to solve a particular problem...

17 August 2023
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How I Increased My Team's Productivity By 40%

I've been focusing a lot on productivity and habit building for over a decade now. Throughout the years I've tried many different techniques...

17 August 2023
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How I Manage My Projects: A Step-By-Step Guide

There are so many tutorials on how to build stuff, but much less on how to actually manage what you're building...

16 September 2023
People I've Worked With
Yaz Sinan's Face
Yaz Sinan
Team Lead, Top Hat

Crazy man right here! And by that I mean tenacious, hard-working, smart, with a get err done attitude that never ceases to amaze. Can't wait to work with him again!

Ashish Bidadi's Face
Ashish Bidadi
Sr. Project Manager, ADP

His attitude is infectious, and his work ethic is unmatched. I look forward to seeing more of his ground breaking products come to life in the near future.

Sisun Lee's Face
Sisun Lee
Product Manager, Facebook

One of the most passionate and hustling individuals I had the pleasure of meeting at the University of Waterloo.

Justin Lee's Face
Justin Lee
Solution Specialist, Google

The 'bug squasher' is his real name! He can find and fix the nastiest bugs in record time. He also really cares about shipping great products.

Kevin Kim's Face
Kevin Kim
Product Designer, ooVoo

Where do I begin?! Emergency roll-outs, midnight brainstorming, random pitch sessions: Freddy is always ready to go. When s**t hits the fan hard, this is the guy you'll want around.